If you’ve watched the video above (if you haven’t and you are a small business owner, what are you thinking? watch it now!) then we can suppose

  1. You would like more traffic, more customers and more sales in your business (and let’s admit it – you want to be #1 in Google, right?)
  2. You are thinking of using an affordable SEO services company to increase your rankings, traffic and sales from the search engines

How will you know whether using a search engine optimisation company is a good investment for your small business and whether it is worth the money? First, there’s a couple of things you need to know about your business:

  • The amount of traffic you could reasonably expect from potential customers searching for your products or service
  • The conversion rate from traffic to sales
  • The value of those sales
  • The lifetime value of the customers you attract and convert

For most small business owners, these aren’t easy numbers, and that’s exactly where Melbourne SEO Services can help.

We provide affordable SEO services to small businesses with outstanding results. Click here to check out some of our clients already #1 in Google for their chosen, profitable search terms.

The first thing we will work out for you is how much traffic you could expect to get in your market.  The second thing we will tell you is the monetary value of that traffic.  The third thing we will tell you is whether we believe we can make you more than it would cost to employ our services. In short, we only work with clients for whom we know we can make money.

Best of all, we don’t lock you into any contracts so it’s up to us to prove ourselves to you. It starts with a free, no-obligation, analysis of your business.  If we can’t make you a profit, we don’t want your money.

Pick up the phone now and call 1300 662 979.

#1 in Google – the best way to invest in your small business.

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