Wrong audio equipment can turn your viewer off!

Bad audio can be an assault on the ears!

It’s bad enough when distorted sound ruins a YouTube video you’ve been waiting to see, but it is certainly not something you want to be associated with the videos you make for your business.

Getting the right audio video equipment is therefore an important task when you’re setting out and, some might say, even more important than the camera you choose.

Before you start worrying about costs, the good news is that your audio equipment needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Great set ups are available for $200-300 or less.

There are three main types of sound equipment you can use for making your videos – stand alone microphones, camera-mounted mikes and wireless devices.

Each one has its pros and cons so first understanding the purpose of your video (what will you be using it for?) will help you decide which type of set up will be best for you.

Stand Alone

The stand alone mikes are generally a high-end solution – boom mikes that are directional and are mounted on a pole or arm in a professional recording situation like film or TV. These can be expensive and are probably overkill for your small business video needs.


These devices attach and plug in to your camera and are uni-directional. They may have wind-socks to reduce interference and balance sound. You can pick up a good quality Rode Video Microphone for around $130, and these are an excellent mid-range solution for your audio.

Wireless Devices

These are becoming the most popular audio devices for amateur video makers looking for a professional quality.

Bluetooth devices are commonly used but be careful, as some of them are proprietary and can only be used with equipment of the same brand.

For example, the Sony ECMHW2 can only be used with Sony equipment, but the Sony ECMAW3 can be used with any camera that has a microphone plug-in socket (most do these days.)

This latter device weighs in at around $200-300 and is great value , providing high quality audio for your business videos.

Bluetooth devices can be conveniently worn around the neck  – take care not to be tempted to “play” with these devices when using them, as this will create unwanted “noise”. Don’t hold them in your hand! Clip on mikes prevent this temptation.

There are also USB devices like the Snowball, which are ideal for desk top usage.

Your audio video equipment is just one of many decisions you will have to make when choosing your video-making set up. Watch our videos to see how we do things our way at YouTube.com/theseomethod.

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