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We use AWeber for email marketing. Here’s why. 

AWeber is a reliable and high performing email marketing solution which we use here at Melbourne SEO Services. Email is one of the very best ways you can use to contact your customers with your products and services. In fact the subscriber list is considered by many to be the most important part of a marketing campaign and allows the owner to market his goods with a high probability of success. Many businesses use this means as evidenced by the fact that the major autoresponder companies’ businesses are thriving. 

It is true that the ‘money is in the list’. By building an email list through opt ins on the squeeze page, the business owner is ‘future proofing’ his business. You’ll always have a highly targeted traffic source regardless of what happens with the search engine algorithm or an unexpected paid advertising rate rise.

Email Marketing with AWeber

Create lists in AWeber.

AWeber is an autoresponder service which many business and entrepreneurs use to build and manage their email lists. Using AWeber, you can craft newsletters, create a sequence of automated emails, custom design your own email templates and opt-in forms and track the performance of your email campaigns. You are provided with dozens of email and signup form templates so you can create very attractive messages and squeeze pages.

With AWeber you can create as many lists as you want and send as many emails as you want. You are not charged per list or per email as is the case with some services. You can also control the timeframe over which your emails are delivered and can delete or rearrange messages as you wish.

You can count on a high degree of reliability with AWeber. Emails are delivered on time every time and you are warned if any of your emails look spammy so that you can modify them to get through the spam filters. A Weber is also known for its customer service. A customer service representative will help you whenever you need it. You can learn tips about list building, optimizing your campaigns and integrating the service with social networking sites through their weekly newsletter. To test it all out, you can also use AWeber for a full month with a test drive for $1.

One disadvantage is that you can’t import leads from other programs without having them reconfirm their subscription. If you purchase leads from elsewhere or invest in a website that has subscribers in a different autoresponder series, you will have to purchase that service or risk losing subscribers.

However, even though you can’t import, we didn’t see this as a reason not to use AWeber. For beautiful newsletters, effective opt in forms and emails that are reliably delivered on time, why not give AWeber a try like we did and go visit the AWeber link below.

Email Marketing with AWeber

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