When commenting on a blog, often you’re able to leave your name, email, URL, plus a short comment on the subject matter. But why would you bother? Sure you get a backlink to your website but there’s more to it. You’re creating valuable content off site, and in this sense, Blog Commenting is one of the more valuable activities that you can undertake off page.

Here’s why…

As a blog owner, you would be more than aware that most people use blog comments to simply spam away, create useless comments that serve as nothing more than a way to pass link juice on to their page of choice, and this is what blog commenting is often referenced as. Nothing but spam, however, as someone who comments on other blogs on a daily basis, I can say that the real success factor here is in active participation, sharing of your own knowledge and skills, and the ability to provoke thought.

The bottom line is this. As a blog owner, anything that you create online is content. Every time that you have the opportunity to create content in any way shape or form, you really should be taking that as an opportunity to inform, teach, and inspire thought.

Let’s look at the above example. This is a comment that I deleted from my blog a few weeks ago, and made me laugh a little. Sadly this comment doesn’t really adding anything at all to the conversation and simply serves to generate a backlink. Nothing more. It goes without saying that the success rate of these kinds of comments is extremely low.

On the flip side, if you look at the above example, this is a comment that I recently made on a website that I follow. If you have a look at the structure of that comment, you will see that I made reference to the content, and backed it up with my own thoughts, then continued on to inspire a response from the blog owner themselves by asking an opinion. This is valuable content because:

  1. It offers my own insight
  2. It inspires thought
  3. It gives the blog owner ideas on what to write about next

That is my formula for blog commenting…  You also, need to remember that it is not just about how to comment, but where to comment. Luckily, there is no real secret here. Simply find a handful of blogs within your niche that are related to what it is that you do, and that also receive a good amount of traffic. Don’t be afraid to go more deep than that, as what I am teaching you now is just the foundations.

In summarizing, let me ask you something. Are you one of those people that think that blog commenting is dead? Follow my simple formula and you’ll soon discover it’s not. Blog commenting is not about backlinks, it is about creating content.

PS. You are more than welcome to comment on this post.

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