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I know there are countless businesses out there lugging around virtual treasure chests laden with customer details. Inside are little gems of information, like direct contact details and purchase history, all locked away in hopes of being traded in again.

It pains me to think those businesses continue to drag these potential riches along, without attempting to unlock them. So, how do they reactive yesterday’s dormant customers? How can they re-build client relationships into today’s cashflow?

Well, that leads me to a really cool marketing experience I recently had on this exact topic: reactivating a dormant customer.

Not long ago, my brother ordered a variety of different vitamins from an eCommerce store. The products were actually for me, so the company had my contact details.

Quite a few weeks have passed since the order arrived, and today I got a phone call from the vitamin company. They told me it’s been over a month since my order was placed, and noticed I haven’t placed a second order. They were contacting me because today they’ve got a special: 50% off everything on the website and free shipping.

What a great offer! Granted, I turned it down because I truly have enough vitamins right now, not to mention the nutrients I get every morning from my veggie slop. 🙂 But, honestly – wasn’t that phone call a great way to unlock the latent buyer in me?

Think about it, how many people would actually bite at the offer? It’s a great savings, and the people they’re calling are qualified leads.

It may seem simple, but it’s actually a really clever system to build client relationships. I’m not sure what triggered the offer they made to me, but it could be something as basic as: when a certain time period elapses without a second order being placed, the customer gets a phone call and a bargain deal.

After that experience, it wouldn’t shock me to hear from them again as I move through their pipeline. Because when a customer gets into the rhythm or habit of ordering, the act of selling and marketing to them becomes much easier in the future.

To this vitamin store, I was like that little gem locked away in a treasure chest without any probable use. But because they took steps to reactive me with the phone call, the possibility became real. And don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be by phone call, they could’ve also done it via mail or email, too. I know it sounds really easy, but it’s truly smart and effective.

So, how can you integrate this great marketing idea with your own business? Have a think about some of your past clients who’ve purchased yet haven’t ordered again in a while. Why have they gone dormant? And how can you unlock their potential to order with you again?

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