When it comes to business publicity, many business owners make the mistake of focusing their time on how to deliver the product. Instead, the focus should be on two factors that play a vital role in publicity- traffic and conversion.  Publicity brings attention to the brand or business, which causes the traffic to increase.  As traffic increases, more people will want the brand or service resulting in conversions of sales.

There is a classic 80’s movie titled “Can’t Buy Me Love”.  In the movie, a teenager named Ronald Miller wanted nothing more than get rid of his nerdy reputation.  Ronald knew the only way for others to see him as “Cool” was to be associated with a popular kid from school.  He comes up with the plan to bribe the most popular girl in school with $1,000 to be his girlfriend for a month.  Since the kids in school believed that Cindy was the epitome of cool, whatever or whomever she associated with was automatically cool.

Similarly, a good publicity campaign helps attracts traffic but also produces sale conversions because it builds authority, credibility and a good reputation.

If the media features you, then you automatically become an expert or an authority. By being an authority in the market place, it is easier for you to make sales.  People trust and believe in you.  You can also charge higher prices because people perceive you as a better operator as well as credible.  Obviously if the media features you, people are assuring the media has done its job of researching your credibility.

People have a fundamental trust in the media. Whatever the media says they believe and take it as pure fact.  If the media starts endorsing your product, business or website, ultimately they are telling the public to believe in you.  In publicity, this behavior is referred to as the “Halo Effect”.  There is a “Halo” floating over the media.  Once you are covered by the media, the “Halo” is then placed above you.  They are in a sense voting from the media, which then is passed on to you.

Finally, publicity produces a third party testimonial.  This is where someone saying, “This business is good, you should believe in them.”  It follows under the same philosophy of building links and sharing them.  You are not the one endorsing yourself and saying, “I am the best!  I am the greatest!”  You have a third party backing you as well as your product up.  Many times, people are going to be very hesitant to try something new if there is no feedback or comments.

In order to get your brand, your business or self out in the media, you have to get more traffic. You need people to know who you are, what you sell, walk in your store or visit your website.  Focusing on traffic generation and sales conversion within business publicity will help get the coverage you need.  It is like the phrase “It’s not WHO you know, but WHO knows you.”  You want the right people to help endorse you and product.

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