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Video Transcript: Now I may want to take a little bit of a different approach with my buyers using Google Adwords remarketing. If this list has got a decent number of people on it, maybe I just want to follow around the people who bought from me and show them a different set of ads: upsells and cross sells. I’m not going to talk a lot about that but if that’s an interesting topic to you, Jay Abraham for my money has the best information on upsells and cross sells.

He’s got a great book, Getting Everything You Can Out of Everything You’ve Got. That’s probably the best $20 you could spend to get a whole stack of upsell and cross sell strategies. There a couple of other funky ways to use this. You can make this them event based. If you’re Audi launching a new car, you’re tagging all these people, cookieing all these people who are coming to your site and you know that this launch is on April 15th, you can now start to show different ads over time counting down to that particular date.

That’s easy. It doesn’t really matter which length of time list they’re on, you just start changing the ads. You do, there’s a week to go, six days to go, five days to go, if you wanted. You could show ads counting down to a particular date. I think the more interesting one is the time from the date they were added. So let’s say you’re a mechanic.

You know that people who come to your website are either going to buy your auto servicing thing now, or they’re really not interested for another twelve months. So I might cookie everybody now. Maybe I haven’t got enough time for remarketing ads to them right now, but if I cookie everybody and then start to post ads online and show them in eleven months time, that might be really useful. Another example would be insurance.

We’ve got a car insurance client typically buying insurance for a year. How am I going to do that? I’m going to create two lists. I’m going to create one, call it 320 days. Then I’m going to have another list which I might set at say, 380 days. On day one they get added to both. But I use my rules just like before to say show ads to everybody on the 380 list but not the 320 list.

So no ads show until eleven months time when they’re in the market for buying car insurance again. Then I start showing ads for a couple of months and then I give up. Of course, if they come back to my website here, I’m going to cookie them again and if they buy, I’m going to stop showing them ads so I don’t annoy them, the same as before. That’s how you can make Google Adwords remarketing work for your business.

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