I do believe… there’s no such thing as Google certification for SEO. I do! I do!

Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to get some sort of endorsement, approval or extra accreditation from Google if you’re an SEO firm?

Sometimes you might see on SEO company websites a line which says ‘we are Google approved’. People look at that and think “Oh, they’re Google certified or approved, that means they must be a great SEO company to work with.”

The truth is, there is no Google certification program or endorsement or approval process for SEO companies that somehow gives them extra favor in Google’s eyes. It just doesn’t exist.

The closest thing is the AdWords certification program where you get the chance to demonstrate your knowledge when it comes to AdWords. But let’s be quite clear about this, that is for AdWords and has nothing whatsoever to do with SEO!

So, if you see companies saying they’re ‘Google approved’, run a mile. You might also ask yourself the question, what else are they bending the truth about?

You might now wonder why Melbourne SEO Services says, ‘we work with Google, Yahoo and Bing’. Simply they’re the search engines we focus on and have proven to get great results with. The majority of our attention goes to Google, since it’s sending the lion’s share of the traffic.

Hope that clears things up for you regarding the concept of Google certification for SEO. To sort out more of the facts from the fiction, give us a call here at Melbourne SEO Services.

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