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Video Transcript: Let’s talk about some of the differences between Search and Display. Funnily enough, not being called Search, they’re not searching. The prospects that you’re reaching are not actively searching for something. These are people who are browsing the web, probably at work, probably trying not to get caught, not typing in a search term. So that’s the first thing you’ve got to get fixed in your head, a Google display ad. This is far more like the magazine rack than the Yellow Pages. If Search is Yellow Pages, GDN is magazines, it’s books. They’re browsing.

Therefore the mind shift you need is that this is interruption marketing again, much more like your traditional media. They’re not looking for you. You’re sitting over in the corner of the page while they’re reading this blog post, yelling at them, trying to get their attention, click on me, click on me. So the ads that you’re going to use are going to be quite different. What is it? It’s a network of over 2,000,000 sites.

Essentially Google has partnered with the owners of these 2,000,000 sites, everything from the massive sites like oprah.com, Livestrong, not doing so well at the moment, down to every little blog and forum, all sizes of site. Somebody has gone there and said, we need to make some money out of our website.

Hopefully any lead gen site, any ecommerce site you own will not have these Google AdSense ads, from the other side of the fence it’s called the AdSense network. I would never put those ads on my site. There are places that you would but I would not want to pay all this money through whatever media and marketing I’m doing to push money to my site to make a couple of cents when people leave through one of these ads. So I wouldn’t put these on my site. But we can take advantage of the 2,000,000 sites that have these ads on there.

They’ve partnered with Google and said, Google has given them a little bit of code, said stick this code on your site. In that moment when somebody lands on oprah.com, Google is essentially saying, ok, go new visitor. They’re from Melbourne and maybe Google know their interests, I’ll talk about that a bit later. Google know which other websites they’ve been to recently, they know what they last searched for on Google; that’s going to play a part soon.

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and I’ve got twenty-seven advertisers that would like to show an ad to this person. They have a quick auction, find a winner and stick your ad on oprah.com, not when someone in America is reading Oprah, but only because it’s that person in Melbourne on a Tuesday. That’s happening in that moment when they’re landing on Oprah.

So you can show ads on these sites from all over the world but target it very specifically to where you believe your prospects hang out. When you think about how they’re doing that and the scale they’re doing that, don’t think about it too much. It’ll blow your mind.

I can get very targeted with this and we’ll talk about a number of different ways that you can target. Let’s say I’m on The New York Times in the personal tech section. Google has decided to show these two ads for Nexus there. The reason it used to be called the Content Network and got changed to the Display Network, your ads show next to relevant content on these other websites. All make sense so far?

Now it doesn’t have to be relevant content. I could show ads for Nexus on a dog training website. It’s probably not going to work as well as showing it on the tech page of The New York Times. So we can choose and there are a number of ways to do that and we’ll go through that as we go. Choose where those ads show up, what type of pages my ads show on.

The Google display ad is not at the website level. I’m not saying to Google, show my ads anywhere on The New York Times. I can say, just show them on the tech section of The New York Times or the lifestyle section of The Sydney Morning Herald or this specific page on this specific site.

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