Cute but can be deadly at times.

Another day another Google Update – we’ve now had multiple Panda updates, over optimisation filters and now the Google Penguin update. I haven’t seen this many updates from Google in such a short time in my entire SEO history.

Here’s the link to Google’s blog about the most recent update:

Interestingly, when you read it you’ll find there’s nothing new here and we’ve been teaching these best practises for years (as such our clients have been safe with the most recent update). Perhaps what’s changed is how Google is now targeting these algorithmically?

In any case, there’s blood in the water and people are still jumping to conclusions as to what’s going on. With so many changes released all in one go, it’s actually getting harder to isolate what issues a website might have. It’s like you need a checklist to ensure your website stays on the right side of Google.

With more data rolling in every day as we analyze our sites, clients sites and… I’ve had more people call me in the last couple of weeks (wanting me to fix bad SEO) than ever before.

I’m thinking it’s almost time for me to release another SEO update to share what I know. For now, stick to quality with links and content – diversity is the key – and if you haven’t already, start improving your social indicators!

The big winners in the most recent update was YouTube and Google Plus.

But I digress, I’ll save all that for my SEO update.

Here’s the Small Business Internet Marketing Weekly were we summarise news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners.

Here’s what I spotted this week:


Can your site lose rankings because of negative SEO? {interesting}

Unnatural links investigation {got the webmaster tools email? read this}

Negative SEO case study {this makes me sick}

Negative SEO myths, realities and precautions {SEOmoz is always solid}

Google penguin update {tips from Google}

How Google search works from Matt Cutts {getting back to basics}


Ok I know those updates were mostly around SEO this week but that’s where most of the action has been happening.

The biggest lesson with this Google Penguin update is, don’t rely 100% on SEO, you must build a business with more than one leg. Video, social, email, ppc and solid business fundamentals are now more important than ever.

Stick with it, you’re on the right track and you’ll often find the biggest opportunities when the masses run for the hills.

Last but not the least, video is still the lowest hanging fruit online. Start YouTubing!

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