OK let’s cut to the chase…

Here’s another round of the Small Business Internet Marketing Weekly – the post that summarises news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners.

It’s another big week in news – here’s what I spotted:

Matt Cutts comments on an “over optimisation” penalty – definitely one to review

How garbage ranks in the SERPs – detailed report explaining some dodgy tactics

10 useful findings about how people view websites – how can you apply this?

Need help with the basics of onsite SEO – you can’t go wrong with these tips

Paypal accepts payments from iPhones – wow! love the innovation

Re-imagining classic ads for the web – interesting initiative by Google

Capsule CRM – we’ve started using this and love it.

And that’s not to mention the launch of the new iPad – that was all over the news! We’re already looking into the future of the web and mobile + tablet computing are huge growth areas.

That’s it for now but don’t forget to catch me on Twitter or Facebook for more fresh updates.

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