To get Google’s attention, you need people to like you and talk about you.

Everyone who is online knows the name of – and uses – the site According to many rankings, it’s the #1 website in the world. It’s so popular that it’s even become commonly used as a noun. Not sure what something is? Google it.

It’s painfully obvious that being listed as close to the top as possible on any search engine is absolutely critical to your website’s traffic, as well as your bottom line. But do you have any idea how search engines actually work?

There are many different components and factors included in how Google and other search engines will rank your website, but one of the main factors is the number of external links back to your website. So to put it plainly, it’s quite literally a popularity contest.

Google’s algorithm was based on the way academic research papers were developed, and the main factor in those is relevancy. If you’re the author of a research paper that’s cited frequently in many other popular papers, yours becomes that much more popular and valuable.

And it’s the same with Google and your website. If there are plenty of high ranking websites out there that link back to your website, the overall effect is that your page ends up ranked higher on Google, putting you that much closer to your goals.

That being said, Google’s systems want this to happen naturally. That means you can’t go out and get links back to your website put on 200,000 other websites and show up as Number One on Google the next morning. You need this to match and mirror a natural process. Google isn’t looking for someone who knows how to beat the system – they’re looking for high-level content they can provide to their users.

Melbourne SEO Services can help you along with this process. With our experience we can help you develop a strategic plan and process that can get your SEO campaign on the right track to being where you want to be in search engine traffic.

Our process includes getting you these links include directory submissions, articles, blog marketing and even video marketing. If you’re ready to go to the next level with your SEO campaign, click here to see the list of services we provide and the packages available from Melbourne SEO Services.

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