You’ve followed all the rules – you chose your keywords and phrases, you made sure that those are implemented correctly on your landing page and you’re ranking pretty high on Google, obviously on your way to the top. But did you know that there are two types of page optimization?

Statistics show that, on average, more than 50% of all traffic led by searches end up on internal pages, not just your front page, so it’s definitely important to be sure that all of your internal pages are optimized in both ways as well.

Of course you’ll want each page on your site optimized for search engine traffic, but again – there are two different types of optimization. The second type, and most overlooked, is just as important as the first.

For every page on your website, you’ll want to have one desired outcome – you want your visitors to sign up for your list, you want your visitors to buy something, etc. As long as all of your pages direct the visitor to the same outcome, it won’t matter what page they end up on when they first visit your site.

You’ll also want to optimize your pages based on where the traffic is coming from since there are several different traffic sources. For example, if you’re using paid traffic, you’ll want to make sure that your page has the desired outcome for any of your visitors. For example, if they’re looking to buy a product that gives them instructions on how to write ebooks, you’ll want to make sure that no matter what page they land on they have the opportunity to buy your product that tells them how to write ebooks.

If your page consists of too many options, people will simply stop looking. They’ve already done some searching – that’s how they found you in the first place. Don’t make them look any further – give them exactly what they’re looking for.

If your advertisements say, “Visit this page to sign up for a free report on holistic denture creams” you need to have that report available on each of your pages, both the main page and all of your internal pages.

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