In order to increase your ranking in Google searches, you have to have links to your website from others.  You do need to take extra care though to make sure that you build the right kind of links from the best sources. Here’s an overview of some link building strategies and which ones you should consider using.

Paid Links

There are two types of paid links.  Overt paid links are those that are from websites that openly say that they sell links.  You do not want links from these types of websites because Google has openly said they do not like paid links.   Since Google does not like paid links, this type of link could lower your ranking.

Covert paid links are from websites that you have approached on your own and asked to link to you for a monthly fee that you would pay to them.  Examples would be a blog or someone that is popular in your community.

Link Exchange

A direct link exchange is when two or more websites link to each other for the sole purpose of increasing their own links.  In order to avoid having their rank lowered because of link exchange, a three-way setup may be involved.  In this scenario, Site A links to Site B, Site B links to Side C, and Side C links to Side A.  This can also be done on a larger scale with more than three websites in the link exchange.  A lot of people familiar with SEO do not consider it to be worth the time involved just because there are easier ways to do it with the same or better results.

White, Gray or Black Hat Methods

White Hat Methods are SEO techniques that are “squeaky clean.”  You would be perfectly comfortable with having Google aware of your use of these techniques.

Gray Hat Methods are those which you are not so comfortable having examined by Google, but that you could deny having been involved with building the particular link in question.  Some manufactured links and some covert links fall into this category.

Black Hat Methods

When you just want to gain search engine ground any way possible with no regard to consequences, you could follow black hat link building tips.  Credit cards, mortgages, gambling, and pornography are all very competitive areas that may engage in these methods, but if you can avoid using them then, you should.  The reason is that while it may gain you higher results in the short term, in the long run it can end up getting you de-indexed by Google.  None of these methods are recommended, but here are some examples of black hat methods:

  • Spamming blogs
  • Spamming video comments
  • Hacking websites to include your links

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