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Over time you will find that your website will be linked to by other sites without you even having to ask. Until you reach this stage however, you need to take the initiative. Let us consider some ways to build links. Regardless of which link building strategy you use, there are three rules that you need to keep in mind.

1st Golden Rule:
You need to make link building a long term process. If a huge number of links appear on your site overnight, the search engines will get suspicious and think that you are trying to cheat the system.

2nd Golden Rule:
Mix up where you get these links to point to. You don’t want all the links to go to your home page. About 50% of the links should go to your homepage, and 50% should point to the other pages of your site. If you stick to this rule, you’ll find other pages get ranked, not just your homepage.

3rd Golden Rule:
Use your keywords in the text that links to your page, and put some variety in there. The words that are hyperlinked to your site are called the ‘anchor text’. This is something that you won’t always be able to control, but where you can, take full advantage. Try and think of some variations that include your keyword for that destination page, and some that don’t include it. Some variations of links if you want to rank for the keywords “Pennant Hills carpenter” might be:

  • Pennant Hills carpenter
  •  Carpenter in Pennant Hills
  •  Local Pennant Hills carpenter
  •  Local carpenter in Pennant Hills
  •  Click Here

Follow the rules of link building for success.

For a great link building strategy, you want to have your links coming form a variety of places, so things to do are leaving comments on blog posts, related to your area and also commenting on relevant forums.

An excellent way to begin building links to your website is to ask family, friends and colleagues if they will put a link to your website on their own website. After that, you should head to some free directories. Each directory has a different waiting period, so you will get your links staggered over a period of time, which is good, because it appears natural. The links you get from directories don’t carry as much weight as some of the other methods I’m about to detail, but they are a very good start.

The links which will carry most weight come from authoritative sites. These are places like charities, organizations and well-established blogs. There is no one sure-fire way of getting links from these places. You could try a polite email, or even phoning them. Sometimes it might be necessary to offer an incentive to let you have a link, like offering to write them an article they can use on their site. Sometimes this won’t be necessary, they will just be happy to oblige.

Finally, you can find out where your competitors are getting their links from. To do this, simply go to Google and search ‘link:’ followed by a web address. So you could type in:

You only need to put into practice those things I’ve outlined in these last few paragraphs to see a giant surge in your traffic. You will be surprised how quickly it can happen, and if you do go ahead and put these steps into place, you will be a long way ahead of your competitors. Most simply don’t bother to do these things. Of course you can always outsource your off-page optimisation to us. We provide high quality SEO services, helping our clients rank to the top of Google. Simply click here to contact us.

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