Awkward Silence… the most uncomfortable sound in the world.  Everyone has experienced a moment when a certain topic comes up, someone states their opinion and the rest of group sits there…in silence.  The nature of the subject is the reason the awkward silence occurs.  No one wants to put their two cents out there for fear of losing a best friend, causing conflict between mom and son or worse husband and wife.

The same type of “awkward silence” is happening within the SEO world.  Many people are asking hard questions concerning the correct policy for building links with Google.  Despite a patent developed years ago, there are gray areas where you can go either way. Meaning there are obvious loopholes in certain link building tips but one has to question, how far is too far?

David Jenyns breaks the “Awkward Silence” and addresses the three most asked questions about building links.

Do links need to be from topic-relevant sites?

When it comes to building links from related websites, one should try to stay within the same Niche.  This is hard to do because in theory who is to say your subject isn’t relevant to the link you are building.  For example, say you have a website that is all about bikes.  The subject of bikes could mean bike parts, bike races, bike trails, even exercise bikes.  Each of these examples goes into another subject, which is broader.  Let us look at exercise bikes.  Technically, you could link to gym websites, stores that sell exercise bikes, medical research concerning exercise bikes and the list can go on.  So, in order to stay within the realm of Google’s Patent concerning building links and relevant sites, tread carefully.  You do not want to draw attention to yourself.

No matter what remember any link is better than no link.

Can you get in trouble with certain links? Internal vs. External Websites

The best way to approach this question is by looking at two types of links: External and Internal Links.

When a website such as gambling, porn or spamming links it to your website, there is a chance of Google penalizing you.  There has been some “buzz” of this happening and the websites being bumped down in the ranks.  SEO’s can overcome this problem by building more links.  The more they build, the less chances of this happening to you.

Internal Links are a different scenario.  If your website is linked to a bad website, then you are willingly doing this.  So yes you can get in trouble.  You want to make sure to keep your reputation online morally high.  It is better to work harder by building more links than doing it the easy way and getting in trouble.

Can you build links too quickly?

There is no definite answer concerning this question.  If you think about press releases, you can merit 950 overnight.  By manufacturing links at high numbers, press releases or news articles will causes this to happen at rapid speed.  The best way to avoid crossing the line is to remember if you are building links naturally you are okay.

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