That noisy commotion you heard back in November 2011 was SEO technicians around the world scrambling to find a new backlink analyser after Yahoo Site Explorer finally went offline.

In the SEO world this was a big deal.

If you’re analysing one website, then backlink analysis is a valuable tool for improving your search engine rankings. If you’re an SEO search provider, like Melbourne SEO Services, then the ability to study your clients’ linking profiles is fundamental.

Losing this capability is a little bit like running a busy café and getting up one morning to find that your coffee machine has been stolen! Fortunately we had plenty of advance notice that YSE was going offline and we spent time looking around for a suitable replacement. There are plenty of free services around but nothing that would provide the level and sophistication of information that we required to properly care for our clients.

We considered a variety of premium services but eventually settled on a UK company called Majestic SEO that came highly recommended. And we quickly found that the results and quality of its service far exceeded our expectations. This led us to the creation of this Majestic SEO review.

Here are four reasons why we believe Majestic SEO should be the first choice for every SEO engineer:

#1 – First-Hand Intelligence
Majestic SEO doesn’t scrape other services, it utilises its own Web crawler and compiles its own database of URLs and links. Majestic SEO claim to operate the “the largest Link Intelligence database on the planet”. I haven’t compared every other competing service to confirm if this is true but, given that their historic index contains almost 4 trillion URLs, this bold claim would be hard to dispute.

#2 – Depth of Information
The level and depth of information provided by Majestic SEO is astounding. When we start out with a client it’s crucial that we’re able to analyse, not just our client’s website, but also their competitors; Majestic SEO provides a depth of data that far exceeds even our most stringent needs.

#3 – Comprehensive Reports
Keeping our clients apprised of our progress in their behalf is very important, and the reports that Majestic SEO generates are second to none. Not only can we display visually the links that we’re building but we can also show how the link profile is improving, even comparing it to the competition.

#4 – Constant Improvements
The team at Majestic SEO are very responsive and their system is constantly evolving. Even just within the last year we’ve observed changes and additions that make their service more valuable. Such as accelerating the updates of their “Fresh Index” from once per day to almost once every hour. This is why we are happy to publish this Majestic SEO review in appreciation of their good work.

Backlink analysis is critical for successful SEO, and I can virtually guarantee that Majestic SEO will provide you with everything you need and more. This is why Melbourne SEO Services uses Majestic SEO and it’s why you should be too.

Want to see for yourself? Click here to check out Majestic SEO.

Discover why Melbourne SEO Services uses Majestic SEO for website link analysis.

Discover why Melbourne SEO Services uses Majestic SEO for website link analysis.

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