Online market leadership should be the goal of every web-based business leader and learning how to position yourself as such is the first step.

Below we take you through the top 7 approaches that can help earn you the title of “market leader” in your field.

1. Develop And Tell Your Story

Your story should reflect your struggle to get where you are today, concentrating not only on the successes and breakthroughs but on the failures along the way. Everyone has a story and telling it is key; because it can form the basis of your web videos and auto-responder campaigns and will help you build the all-important connection with your audience.

Without a story it’s very difficult to connect on the human level and earn market leadership. Think of the “Tony Robbins” story of the simple, poor, overweight guy made good; or the “Virgin” story of the “David vs Goliath” struggle, for example.

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2. Conduct Interviews For The “Halo Effect”

Conducting interviews can benefit you because of the “Halo” effect. This means that interviewing people of expert status or high renown in your industry ends up rubbing off on your reputation too.

Use whatever connections you have to gain access to your industry leaders – research their story and be informed when you come to do the interview(s); this shows that you are mixing in the company of experts and are comfortable doing so.

It may help open doors for you too; plus you may find that, following the interview, you can stay in touch with the interviewee and can benefit from ongoing expert consultancy with them, which can never be a bad thing.

3. Pick A Side And Stick To It!

Sometimes a good strategy to get noticed is to make a deliberately bold statement that will attract attention; if you make sure you can back it up you can create quite a public debate and a stir; this gives you chance to argue your point and to show your knowledge of your industry in a public forum.

4. Run Public Events

Speaking tours, interviews, public workshops and presentations – all help to get your name out there and put you in the limelight; they enable you to demonstrate how you can help others with your knowledge and expertise in your area; you can then use press release marketing to further get your name out there.

5. Document Your Results

Every step of the way make sure you are documenting the results you achieve so that you can use this as evidence and proof of the authority of your business. Gathering testimonials from customers also adds to the sense of credibility that you are cultivating.

6. Create Your Own Language

Using your imagination to create your own language for your products and services helps you to differentiate them from others and make your business unique– it also gives people less reason to compare with others based upon price alone.

7. Get Content Syndicated

Using all the available media, public speaking and strategies like article distribution may help you get featured in publications and your work increasingly referred to. This is a great way to grow your expert status in a high profile manner.

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