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Here’s why we’re crazy about Nanacast and why we use it in our business here at Melbourne SEO Services.

Are you looking for a complete membership shopping cart or an all-in-one business automation system? Are you looking for a way to manage your products, membership sites, sales funnels and affiliates and focus on what you do best – marketing? If so, you may have found the solution: Nanacast.

This is an enterprise business automation system that gives you the power and flexibility to shape and customize your online business the way you want to. It serves as a powerful content delivery system as well as providing a variety of automation tools. Nanacast dramatically cuts down the amount of time you need to manage your business and allows you to focus on more important things like business growth.

Some of the automation tools it provides include checkout processes, membership sites, digital product delivery, digital file and content dripping, on demand print integration, secure RSS publishing, premium podcasting, physical fulfillment communication and inbound and outbound API.

Nanacast allows you to consolidate a wide range of services into a single, easily managed solution. For example, being able to control affiliate marketing and premium podcast publishing within the same account reduces the amount of work hours and simplifies your work as well.

Inside Nanacast

Nanacast has a huge range of customisation functions.

The training videos provided make things very easy to understand even for those who are not technically proficient. The knowledgeable support staff also give extra help when and if it is needed. Nanacast is in fact very easy to use. They have product wizards which take you through step by step and show you how to set up a new product.

A very profitable feature for a lot of businesses is Nanacast’s one click upsells. By offering additional products to customers right after they have purchased something you can often add a significant percentage to your sales. This can be very good for your business and very good for the clients you work with.

The conversion rate of the out of the box check out form is another aspect that is very impressive to marketers. Some businesses have reported a conversion rate of over fifty percent. Order forms on other platforms using other networks’ shopping carts often achieve only half of what is gained with Nanacast. This feature is valuable to a lot of businesses.

For membership site management, you can create and automate unlimited memberships and turn any existing website or blog into a membership site instantly. For ecommerce automation there is single, multi, trial based and recurring payment automation, recurring billing failure follow up and retention automation and easy billing info update.

One factor that differentiates Nancast from competitive products like Rapid Action Profits is that Nanacast is a hosted solution. This makes things easier because there is no installation and no programming involved and there are far fewer support issues to deal with. All files and scripts are on Nanacasts’s powerful servers and they are able to take care of any support issues very quickly.

Because many marketers like to brand their own membership sites with their own domain, Nanacast has CNAME functionality. You thus have the dual benefit of using Nanacast’s hosted membership site login but with the site appearing on your own domain. You get the benefit of a fully operating membership site without the headache of installing scripts and hosting files on your server.

Best of all, Nanacast is ‘quick to the market’. If you have new products or multiple products, and you want to get an ecommerce and affiliate system in place for them, you can do so in as little as a day.

We have used Nanacast to automate many aspects of our business here at Melbourne SEO Services. They have a free month’s trial available, so why not take advantage of this by clicking the link below?

Nanacast membership shopping cart

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