There is no denying it: The Old Spice ads, first launched at the Superbowl in February 2010, have been a smash hit for both the company and the advertising agency behind it. The social media numbers are astounding: 40 million You Tube views in 12 months; A Twitter increase of 2700%; Facebook interaction up by 800%; Traffic to increased by 300%. And Old Spice became the number 1 all-time most viewed branded channel on You Tube. This all led to a sales increase of 107% for Old Spice body wash. Needless to say the company is overjoyed.

With the success of things like the Old Spice commercial, the demand for viral marketing campaigns has skyrocketed, but many businesses don’t know where to start. So in response to the high demand, Melbourne SEO Services has just announced a new service to help small businesses create, and more importantly, optimise their videos for the greatest chance of viral success.

The original Old Spice video was pretty funny and since we like to have a little fun here at Melbourne SEO Services, we wanted to see if we can ride in some of the video’s slipstream, and at the same time show other business owners an example of what we can do for their business. Check out our version of the old spice viral video parody and let us know what you think. If your business is looking for SEO services or Viral Marketing ideas… get serious and click here to Melbourne SEO Services for a quote.


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