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Video Transcript: Quality score for GDN is a little different from Quality Score for Search. To sum it all up, it’s basically how your ads do on those websites compared to similar advertisers on similar sites – online advertising competition. So it’s a little like Quality Score on Search: how many people are clicking on your ads versus your competitor ads.

But there is way more data being taken into account with GDN. They’re taking into account the day of the week, the time of day, the geographic location, what other websites that person has been to before, what the weather is, who knows? They’re looking at all those data points which is why, I’ll mention something a little later called DCO, there are benefits to giving Google control of certain parts of your Display Network campaigns. Google has all of this data behind the scenes which it never shares with us.

It’s slightly different if you’re doing CPM bidding versus CPC bidding. If you’re doing CPM bidding, then the quality of your landing page is it. If you’re doing CPC bidding, then the click through rate is factored in. Geographic is factored in, and the quality of your account as a whole is factored in, just like a normal Quality Score. Essentially what this means is, test lots of ads. If you can find that ad that is doing four times better than the one you started with, your Quality Scores are going to win.

Now obviously you don’t get to see the Quality Score with Google display ads. It’s not seeing a Quality Score next to each keyword as you do in Search. You don’t get to see that level of granularity at this point in time, so you’re never going to know. Just know that you want an ad with a better click through rate. So test lots.

As mentioned, it requires a lot of effort and testing in order to create an ad with great GDN quality score. Perhaps, you are incapable of doing this on your own. Stop by this page and know how an expert may help you.

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