People ask me what is the one secret of online business marketing I would pass on, if I had to summarise it in one phrase for someone.

Through my own experience and the experience of interviewing some of the leaders in online marketing I can say that there is one thing that stands out for successful web businesses and we share that below.

Focus On Automating The Back End

I cannot over-stress the importance of automating your back-end systems so that they can run without your constant input; the idea is to create a website that can gather leads, process them and convert them into sales with the minimum of your time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business rather than working in it all the time.

Sounds easy? Well, you should know by now that it’s not easy – if it was, everyone would be doing it and I wouldn’t need to write this!

But it is key – and if you get it right you can really propel your business forward and ahead of the competition; once you get the back end right you can focus your attentions on front-end marketing that can drive huge amounts of leads to you.

What Do You Mean By “Back End”?

Back end means the systems to capture leads like a free report which visitors to your website opt in for; an auto-responder series that bonds with and educates your clients; a small variety of products and services – low cost and premium products; perhaps some info product for people to learn how to do it themselves; affiliate marketing opportunities for people to sell your products to their audiences.

All this is focused on a lead being fed into the top of the “funnel” and coming out of the bottom as a sale.

Once this is working, you can start to market your business for more leads to put into the funnel, knowing that a certain proportion will convert.

Don’t be in a hurry with your business.

A Marathon Not A Sprint

None of the methodology we pass on to you is “get rich quick.” Anyone who says that is usually to be avoided and most “overnight successes” ignore the ten years of hard work that preceded it!

What we try to give you at Melbourne SEO Services is the methodology that will get your business going in the right direction from the “off” and this can shave a long time off your journey to success. But it won’t come without hard work and some mistakes along the way.

Our methodology is built around doing the hard work once and getting paid for it “forever” not repeating the same mistakes over again; most people are prepared to work hard if there are results at the end of it.


Don’t believe me? Well take a listen to my podcast interviews with online business marketing leaders Jim Fleck and Rick Schefren and see what they have to say about the back-end of your business.

They both touch on business owners trying to build out their back end by adding products to it rather than getting it automated so that you can then shift focus to front end marketing that drives the leads into the funnel, as mentioned before.

Check out the Competition Crusher workshop at; it has plenty of small business advice if you are just starting out with your online set up. It’s totally free and passes on some great ideas for your online business plan.

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