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Video transcript: Under the conversions, which was the fourth one of those four we started looking at, under goals and then funnel visualization.

Now again, full disclaimer, this takes a little bit of extra work to set up and I’m not going to go into the geeky code of how you do that. You don’t need to know that. Find a friendly web geek. You need to know there are three pages to your online shopping cart process. You tell your friendly web geek what they are and you say set up the funnel viz report so I can see the funnel for my site.

Now this is a very good ecommerce site, very little red. Very few people are dropping out of this funnel. I had a hard time finding the opposite, but you can imagine what that looks like. Luckily most of our clients have got very nice shopping carts, good on them. If that red line is 50% of that top page, go fix that page. If you’ve got 50% of people have added a product to a shopping cart, landed on your ecommerce shopping cart and then go ooh, and run away, go and mystery shop it.

I’m amazed at how few businesses mystery shop their own web experience. I haven’t got a slide for this but there was a blog post by the god of Analytics, Avinash Kaushik, who is Google’s digital evangelist. Search for a blog post he wrote on the weekend. It’s called 7 Incredible Web Design, Branding, Digital Marketing Experiences. In fact just bookmark his blog, Occam’s Razor, it’s called. The latest post on that blog, Occam’s Razor. His first name is Avinash. It’s a wonderful blog post, about twenty-eight pages long and he picks apart seven websites in great detail. It’s fantastic.

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