Repurpose your content to get the most out of it.

As you go through the learning process of honing your online video content production and video marketing skills, avoid the temptation to simply scrap the footage you shot before and start all over again.

Some of the “old” video you shot before you did that training course on online video production or watched the Lights Camera Profit workshop, will probably make you cringe.

After you learn what’s possible with well-planned, well-scripted, well-produced and well-edited video, you may hardly be able to watch it. But, fortunately not everyone out there will be as discerning and will probably not notice the roughness around the edges or the sore thumb sticking out of your video! You will be your harshest critic.

You may have decided that a video you shot for your web site is not what you’re after, but it can still do a job for you on YouTube, for example.

So if you have a library of content, think about repurposing the video, by following some of these steps:


Re-editing your video allows you to remove some of the rough edges, add effects, add new text, chop out irrelevant bits and highlight certain areas. This effectively allows you to re-shape your video marketing message. If you’re not changing the entire message, you can certainly change the emphasis of the message to better reflect what you want your viewer to understand.

Re-Call To Action

As part of the re-editing process you may have to make a different call to action. Remember that getting your viewer to take the next step in the sales process is the main purpose of your video. You can repurpose content by editing out the old call to action footage; then create a new text-based call to action that you leave on the screen for long enough to ensure the viewer has read it and can make a note of the URL or phone number – whichever is applicable.


Once you have the video looking how you want it, you can get the new video out there into more channels. Use the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler and other free distribution and hosting sites, as well as posting on your social media sites.

“Re-Launch” Your Channel

If you have re-purposed your videos with a new style and message, re-launch your YouTube channel with announcements to your subscribers that you have updated videos and ask them to watch again. Interact with them and let them know what you have done.

You’ll have to weigh up the time it takes to repurpose your online video content with simply shooting a new video; it all depends on how comfortable you are with making new video and with editing; and how rough the old content is, of course.

It’s important to eke out every last drop of value that your video can bring to your business – that’s the essence of smart video marketing; stretching the value of each dollar to reach as many people as possible with your message. This is just one of the great video marketing tips you’ll find in the Lights, Camera, Profits! workshop. Click here to find out more.

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