As your business grows, the point will come when you undoubtedly find the need to task others with some portion of your operations.  As you expand, you are not going to be able to do everything.  In fact, I bet there is something you can identify that is taking up more time than you have.   Hiring someone else to take care of certain tasks only makes sense.

One of the first things that you will need to get clear is the definition of outsourcing.  Most people do not actually go into outsourcing work, they out-task work.  The difference is this:

Out-Tasking is when you hire someone to do a one-off job such as:

  • Business card design
  • Website development
  • Legal contracts
  • Copywriting
  • Software development

Outsourcing is when you hire someone to work on tasks that are business function focused and long term.   It is all about things that happen repeatedly that are vital to the functioning of your business.  Some examples are:

  • On-going projects
  • Virtual (Personal) assistant
  • Customer Service Team
  • On-going SEO
  • Accounting
  • Pay-per-click management

You can see the important difference here.  Obviously, you do not need to hire a full time graphic artist to design business cards.  The same holds true for many things that you need to accomplish for your business.  Hiring a freelancer via out-tasking is the perfect solution.  The advantage of out-tasking is that you do not have to hire someone that sits around waiting for work that you do not have.  You only hire someone as needed.

Outsourcing work is very business focused.  It is about building a long-term sustainable business and the systems that go with it.  Once you create a workflow and hire people to fulfill that, you have outsourced.  The initial problem that you may face is that you have to train people to do tasks that you can already do more efficiently.  It may even take you longer to show them than to just do the task, but you have to think long term.  Once trained this is their task now, which will improve time management and work quality.

Something important to remember is being cautious about upfront payments.  Even when dealing with a well-qualified individual with plenty of experience, the possibility exists that, they will take the money and run.  You should not let this keep you from hiring others, though. By hiring, other people to help do the little things will help you grow the business faster.

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