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Ok, here we are again… another day, another round of SEO updates. With all these changes, the tide has gone out and we’re now learning who’s been swimming naked. So, how has your website faired in the most recent series of Panda and Penguin SEO updates?

From onsite factors like: internal linking, keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects, hidden text and more to offsite factors like: paid links, footer links, foreign language links and not enough diversity… Those with weak SEO strategies have been punished.

Like Dave always does, he sorts the facts from the fiction, makes the complex simple and speaks from experience – download his most recent Panda and Penguin update mp3 here.

It’s free… no optins… no hoops to jump through… just the best information he can share to help you.

We’ll see you at the top.

Dave & The Melbourne SEO Services Team.

Ps. Been hit by Panda? Want Dave to review your site and give you a clear recovery action plan? Click here and book a consult.

“Let me help you put more cash in your pocket” – Dave


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