Why is personal branding so important? Well, being just another speck in the crowd isn’t exactly something you wish for – especially for your business. Building your personal brand doubles as a way to help prospective clients understand that your business – by way of seeing you as the person – is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Ready to tool up? If so, then let’s get down to work!

Tool #1 Personal Story

Everyone has a story to tell and the ability to communicate a good one is like the scaffolding support beneath your personal brand. One of the best ways to connect with your audience is to build an emotional connection with them. Saying “I’m a landscape gardener, and my area of expertise is office parks” clearly says nothing about your personal attributes. However, if you say “I construct and design lovely gardens for office parks because when I take a walk in a well crafted one, it improves my mood, and I want to do the same for others” – this hints at your personality as well as some brand values.

Once you’re story’s told, it’s time to show prospective clients how good you are at what you say. Your best bet to impress them: case studies.

Tool #2 Case Studies

If you nail down everything you do with ease, then you’re an expert, so the next thing you’d want to do is get your target market to see you that way. Besides boosting your expert status, case studies show your prospective clients that you can hammer out solutions. Showing these studies proves to people that you’ve got the experience to do the same for them. The real world, after all, is far more engaging than theory.

From here, take it one step further with providing everyone visual proof of your authoritative position.

Tool #3 Visual Proof

Be the living and breathing proof your prospective clients yearn for; make them realize you ‘walk the talk’. Show them you actually get to live the dream – their dream. Capture career highlights, such as getting photographs with key players in your industry. Document what you lifestyle your target market wishes they could do themselves – then share it! You’ve gone extreme skydiving? Upload some photos! You’ve canoed through the Amazon? Share some videos! Regardless the experience, remember to always give the best examples of the success you guarantee your clients.

Using the right tools in your toolbox is crucial to building a personal brand, and will help you will attract attention to you and your business. Tell your story, Provide case studies, and share visual proof you’re ‘living the dream’ – and you’re going to be worth talking about. Like to know more about how to improve your branding and business? Drop Melbourne SEO Services a line and we’ll help you make best use of these tools to translate into plentiful benefits. Click here.

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