If your business can get to grips with online press release marketing it can be one of the easiest ways to bring traffic to your website and boost sales. We show you how below.

Benefits Of Press Release Marketing

Offline PR brings you exposure in magazines, newspapers and maybe even local TV or radio; online we are targeting back-links and traffic to our website via well-written, optimised press releases that are interesting and widely distributed.

Traffic comes from the keywords and back-links that are embedded into optimised press releases, which help us get rankings in Google News and the main search engines.

Using A Distribution Service

In order to get a good level of traffic hitting our website we need to use a distribution service for our online press releases.

A great one to use is PRWeb . You submit your completed press release and they will send it to literally thousands of other sites.

A Melbourne SEO Example

You’ve probably seen the “Google vs Yellow Pages” article and video at the top of the blog page. That was incredibly successful for Melbourne SEO Services and drove huge amounts of traffic to our site, winning us valuable exposure in the process.

We wrote a press release about our survey called “Google vs Yellow Pages New Survey” and within a day or two it had over 10,000 references on Google for that exact phrase, meaning that PRWeb had sent it out and it had been picked up countless times.

Even now, a year and a half later, when it’s considered older and of slightly less value by Google, it still has over 500 references for that exact phrase, so it’s still promoting our business.

You can see how press releases give you a great return on your investment of time.

Writing And Optimising A Press Release

Use the best distribution service for your press releases.

Getting varied back-links is one of the best things we can be doing for our SEO – and whether it is our website, articles, our videos or press releases, many of the same rules apply.

The reason we are writing the press releases is to give exposure to our keywords and our URL, so make sure you include keywords in the title tags and descriptions and in the main body of the article.

Your press release should not be about you or how great your business is! There is a section at the end of the release where you can talk about your business but the main body needs a catchy headline, a hook and an interesting angle to the story.

Think of your online press release as pre-selling online publishers that you are the expert in your area – so you need to demonstrate that with quality stories; the harder selling of yourself can come later.

Many online reporters use Google News to source stories, so making your press release interesting, informative and relevant to an important topic (maybe a breaking event in your industry) gives you a better chance of being picked up and distributed.

Essentially it’s pretty easy to ride on the coat-tails of a big story once you know how to – and you can get ranking easily if you are skilled at providing a new angle on a big story with the right on-page optimisation.

Press release marketing is one aspect of what you need to be doing. You can get a firm grasp on all aspects of your online marketing in the FREE copy of the Competition Crusher workshop. You can access it at www.CrusherWorkshop.com.

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