Marketing Lessons from Travelling in Europe

Part Five: Pull Marketing (Salzburg, Austria)

Perhaps the biggest change to marketing strategy in recent times (aside from the Internet itself) is the move to “Pull Marketing” as opposed to “Push Marketing”.

And I accidentally stumbled across a brilliant example of this in Salzburg, Austria.

If you’re not familiar with these terms, “Push Marketing” is the traditional method of billboards and TV commercials screaming at you to try XYZ because it’s the best thing ever, whereas “Pull Marketing” is giving away something of value that establishes you as a popular brand and makes you the first choice for consumers when they’re ready to make a purchase.

In Internet Marketing terms we see this all in the time in the form of free reports and videos that provide great content, establish the publisher as an expert, and give us a good vibe about the person giving this great stuff away for free. Then, when we have a need that we know this person can fill, we’re more inclined to visit them and hand over our credit card.

I think this is a great way to market and it works just as well in the real world as it does online.

In Salzburg, for example, there are over 170 kilometres of cycling paths and something like 20% of all traffic consists of cyclists, and as a result there are loads of great facilities, exclusively catering for cyclists, including free self-service stations at which cyclists can access lubricating oil, compressed air, and a variety of other handy tools.

How can Salzburg provide these facilities for free? Simple. They’re sponsored by a commercial cycling brand.

Imagine getting a flat tyre, miles from home. How relieved would you be to find a free self-service station at the side of the road that enables you to get fixed up and on your way? And how much of that good feeling is going to be directed towards the company that sponsors those tools?

The next time you need to buy a new cycling helmet, or even a new bike, might you not be inclined to visit the company that indirectly helped you out in your time of need.

Got it?

Whether your business is offline or online, think of something useful that you can give away, that will appeal to your target market, and create goodwill in your community.

It could be a free report, a mobile app, a piece of stationery… just use your imagination.

What a great way of introducing yourself to your prospects without forcing your product down their throat at your very first meeting.

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