Sidenote: This is a picture of Wayne’s World, don’t be alarmed

As outlined only a  few moments ago, brands and businesses that embrace and engage with video marketing for SEO are sitting on an absolute goldmine. Video sites such as YouTube and Daily Motion have levelled the playing field for the small or medium sized marketer. You can now produce and distribute your videos to previously unimaginable levels with little cost and unprecedented distribution channels.

But please don’t adopt the Wayne’s World approach to marketing! Contrary to the pipe dream professed by many, if you simply create a video, they (your audience or potential clients) will not come.

First things first, like anything in life, if your video is no good then you’re at a loss before you even start to market it. Put yourself in your potential clients’ or audience’s shoes for a second and answer the following question…

Does My Video Add REAL Value?

You have to be critical. Your clients certainly will be. If you can safely answer yes to the above question then your next stage is nice and simple. Please follow the instructions laid out in the video marketing for SEO post previous.

But How Can I Build A Business Around Online Video Marketing?

In most cases video can add so much to an existing business:

  • builds trust
  • grows brands
  • appeals to new audiences and new customers

But in some cases it is possible to build a business around online video marketing. Case in point= Bad Mother F@$ker Wallets.

The Bad Mother F@$ker behind this business has ingeniously tapped into the huge fan culture of Quentin Tarantino, and in particular the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction. Incidentally, it’s considered the 5th greatest movie of all time on IMDB. The iconic scenes in the movie (who can forget the opening restaurant scene or “Money”?) have a cult following and are a huge hit on youtube. With that in mind the Bad Mother F@$ker has decided to sell his Bad Mother F@$ker Wallets through the description box of his videos on Youtube.

Have a look at his channel to the left.

You can see how many people have viewed the BMFWallets youtube channel to see just how much exposure is possible. Yes, the total upload views are a staggering 3.6 million people. This clearly needs some perspective however. To have three and a half million people see your marketing message is great but in reality, how many of these people are actually interested in buying your wallets or were interested in buying anything in the first place?

The truth is that conversion rates are likely to be very small. People first and foremost want to be entertained and are in general unlikely to buy. Ok this word of warning is over lets actually see the potential of this. Sure conversion rates are going to be low BUT…

Q: What is 0.1% ( 1 in a 1000 people) of 3.6m?

A: 3,600

That’s potentially 3,600 sales on whatever you might be selling. Now I didn’t bring up this example to massively impress you, but to merely impress upon you the numerous ways in which you can use video in unconventional ways to market effectively.  And Pulp Fiction is most definitely in my top ten movies of all time. So without further ado, lets marvel at the wonder that is the “Money” scene of Pulp Fiction as uploaded by a Bad Mother F@$ker on Youtube…

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