A focused web strategy is key to great sales.

While generating traffic and engaging your visitors are two important features as you start out with your website, the benchmark that you will use to judge the success of your site will likely be its sales conversion rate.

Sales conversion measures the rate at which visitors to your page are turned into actual sales or “pre-sold” customers (leads) and it’s usually a good measure of how effective the sales copy/video on your site is.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it’s so important.

Tweaking Your Website Is Easier Than Generating Back-Links

Take an example where your website starts out by getting 100 unique visitors per day and from those visitors you get 2 emails inquiring about your products or services: that’s 2 leads.

Many people wanting to increase the number of sales may think that increasing the traffic will be the best way of going about it and this may be the case: increase the traffic to 200 visitors per day means 4 new leads.

But what if, instead of putting all that effort into back-linking and re-targeting keywords, you made a few tweaks to the sales copy on your website? That usually takes less effort and might mean 5 or 6 new leads instead of 2 or 4.

Sales Conversion Is Working Smart

You are normally the best salesperson for your brand; you know its features, its benefits and you should also know your market and your competition better than anybody else; therefore you can make your website your virtual sales assistant cloned in the form of YOU!

That means you are working smart – replicating your work and covering all the ground that you could never hope to cover in reality, by designing your website to have your sales voice and converting visitors to leads. It’s doing work once and getting paid again and again, which we’ve spoken about before.

Sales Conversion Is A Pre-Sell Tool Too

We are not just talking about the hard sell here; most of you won’t have an e-commerce website with a sales checkout, where you want people to buy there and then without delay.

Often you will be pre-selling your visitor to send an email or pick up the phone, having convinced them on your website that you have what they need.

The Melbourne SEO Services website is essentially a “pre-sell” site too, where we are not expecting a customer to place an order there and then; they need to pick up the phone or email us. So we analyse its “website conversion” success by the leads it generates rather than the direct sales it makes.

Getting your website converting traffic into leads will involve some trial, error, analysis and testing; the Competition Crusher Workshop  has many great pointers on this and all aspects of website marketing, if you are just starting out in the field. Check it out for FREE by going to www.crusherworkshop.com.

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