So you’ve been working on your SEO for a while now, and you’ve finally made it to Number One on Google Congratulations! Your main keyword is up there – someone searches for the phrase “katana”, and your company’s name comes up – right at the very top!

The work is never over.

You’re excited, I know. You stand on the mountaintop and as the lightning strikes all around you, the energy courses through your body. That feeling? That’s the Quickening. You’ve just won the prize.  As Connor MacLeod once said, “There can be only one!”

So now what?

There’s the old saying, “There’s nowhere to go but up.” But once you’re at the top, where do you go? Hopefully, you’ll stay right there. But as you go through your analytics, you’ll notice that you’re only ranking in the number one slot on one of your keywords. What about the rest?

Now is the time to focus on those other keywords; if your main keyword at the top is a great thing, what would it feel like to have all of your other keywords ranked at the top as well for various keyphrases? As you know, SEO is a game of numbers – if you have enough links, you can rank any keyphrase out there.

Don’t rest on your laurels – have a look at what you’ve done with your first, then apply that to the rest. This is where analysis comes into play – it can allow you to see what you’ve done right (and what you’ve done wrong) so you can apply those tactics to all your other phrases.

If you’d like help with finding the right keywords or the analysis of your current keywords, we here at Melbourne SEO Services can definitely help you out. Click here for a full list of services.

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