Don’t get me wrong, the Google Keyword tool is very handy for some rough and ready research, but a truly progressive SEO campaign needs something more.

And I’m not even talking about the “Google holds information back” conspiracies – that’s a subject for another article.

No, the reason why keyword research needs more substantial software is because it opens a whole range of benefits and insights that you may never previously have considered.

This is why we use SEMrush and why you probably should be as well.

Here are a few more reasons…

#1 – Analyse the Competition

Analysing your own website only gives you half the story; analysing the competition fills in the blanks. You’ll find keywords you never thought of, rich seams of traffic that you’ve not even begun to target and SEMrush will also mix in PPC data so you can assess the value of targeting specific words and phrases.

#2 – True Worth

Once you have a master list of keywords, run it through SEMrush and you can measure the costs per click and search volumes. Sort the list from lowest to highest and you’ll instantly know which keywords and phrases to target first and which ones can wait.

You can also use this data to analyse the effectiveness of your existing incoming traffic. You may think that you already know what your main keyword target should be but SEMrush is capable of revealing other keywords to which you may be giving insufficient attention.

#3 – Website Analysis

Not only can SEMrush confirm the traffic that a domain is receiving, it will also expose the relative value of that traffic. If buying and selling websites is part of your business then SEMrush will pay for itself in no time at all.

#4 – Identify Keyword Targets

SEMrush allows you to quickly see which keywords your website is ranking for and the volume of traffic you’re receiving as a result. If you’re getting a high volume of traffic from a particular keyword but you’re NOT ranking #1, then this indicates that it’s well worth your while to make this a target.

#5 – Lightning Fast

If you’re used to keyword research software taking minutes or hours to generate results, then SEMrush will be a breath of fresh air. Cleverly, SEMrush takes only takes a few seconds to generate the first batch of reports and then continues to generate the rest while you’re busy reviewing the initial data.

Keyword discovery is great for any kind of online marketing, not just for SEO, and SEMrush is easily the best tool that Melbourne SEO Services has used for this kind of research.

Discover why we at Melbourne SEO Services use SEMrush to stay on top of the competition.

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