Because keywords play a big part in SEO, a lot of online marketing newbies spend much of their time going after that top spot for a certain word or phrase. Although the motive is good, the big mistake here is not acknowledging that high keyword rankings have little significance if they don’t produce qualified leads. SEO marketing is more than just keywords…

Keyword optimisation is just one aspect of a lot of SEO elements and should be used in conjunction with other equally important tasks. Yes, keyword optimisation is important and should be used within quality content as well as the anchor text of both incoming and internal links, but it’s not the ‘end all and be all’ of everything.

Why’s that? Because a number one spot on Google doesn’t mean anything if it’s ranking for keywords people aren’t searching for! What’s a high keyword ranking worth if it doesn’t contribute to sales or traffic flow to your site? Nothing! Diddly-squat!

So, if SEO is more than just keywords, what else should you do as part of your online marketing efforts?

Work To Increase Your Site Traffic

When optimising keywords, do it so your target market visits. Think about what words or phrases your potential clients are using to find your product or service, then optimize that sucker! If you get that right, your site traffic will naturally increase because you’ve carved a pathway to the right audience.

So you finally got users to visit your site, eh? What’s next?

Take the Lead & Get Some Leads

Since potential customers are already landing on your website, you might as well use the opportunity to “get-to-know” them! These people are your precious leads and (unless you’re in business just for fun) you want them to convert into sales.

Give them something of value like a free consultation, report, or maybe even a newsletter subscription, in exchange for their contact information. This gives them something of value – for free – and you can then drop them a line to say “hi” so they get to know you – and vice versa. You might be thinking, “What!? I don’t have time to email every possible lead!” Don’t worry, that’s not what I mean! Staying in touch with your potential customers is as simple as writing an ‘evergreen’ (always relevant) email and popping it into an autoresponder system which emails on your behalf. So, turn that frown upside-down! This simple, yet effective, system allows you to maintain and renew their interest until they’re ready to add to your bottom line.

Like most other website owners I know, you’ve been working hard (and long!) on keyword optimisation, increasing traffic, lead generation and conversions.

So as you can see, focusing only onkeywords isn’t everything. SEO marketing is more involved than that , but the good thing is we’ve got it all figured out here at Melbourne SEO Services. We can assess, advise and help make SEO work for you. Click here to drop us a line, or call 1300-662-979 to speak with one of our helpful specialists.

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