According to WebVisible’s quarterly “State of Small Business Online Advertising”, that’s how much your competitors spent trying to get your customers … and the numbers went up each quarter.

On Google, your competitors were willing to spend over a dollar per click for those customers, and for very good reason.  43% of those paid-for clicks ended up with a customer calling to spend their money.

Now, there are disadvantages in using paid search for your small business advertising, apart from the fact it’s expensive.  For one – stop paying, and you stop getting calls, immediately.

Natural search, via Search Engine Optimisation, lasts a lot longer than paid search.  Click-for-click it’s cheaper, and your potential customers will much rather click on an organic search result than a paid result.  It’s just human nature.

Your customers are searching via the web, whether you like it or not, and whether you’re ready or not.  They’re either going to find you, or your competitor.  We guarantee to get you outstanding results for your business, in your marketplace, or we won’t take your money.

It’s time to get your business to #1 on Google.

Melbourne SEO Sevices does it every day, for businesses just like yours. Pick up the phone and call us now.

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