Marketing Lessons from Travelling in Europe

Part Two: Napoleon’s Tomb (Paris, France)

Les Invalides in Paris is the final resting place of many French war heroes but the reason most people visit is to attend the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, arguably one of the world’s most famous military leaders and a man who wasn’t nearly as short as you might think.

For me, this visit was a genuine thrill; the tomb was awe-inspiring, the museum magnificent and I couldn’t help thinking about the amount of work that must have been required to put all of this together in a manner that attracts so many visitors from all over the world. How do you even begin to construct such a project?

I guess the simple answer is that you get started, and then just get on with it.

It’s amazing how much you can achieve if you just have the right focus and the ability to avoid distractions.

We call this “working on the big rocks”. Take your biggest, most ambitious, most exciting idea and…

Just do it!

I’m sure I’ve heard that catchphrase somewhere before but my point is that, although this concept sounds obvious, most of us don’t do this.

We get distracted with side projects. We get caught up in the minutiae of busy work that keep us feeling productive even though we’re making little or no progress.

Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that we want to get the little projects done first so we have a little extra income when the time comes to start on the venture that really matters. But that day never comes because there’s always another “little” idea, another distraction and our most important project slips further down our “to do” list.

Grandeur doesn’t happen overnight. Epic business ideas with epic profits take time to build and time to grow.

Putting it off helps nothing and no one.

Life’s too short to procrastinate and much too short to be investing time and energy into insignificance.

So take your biggest rock, get out there and smash it!

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