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Video Transcript: Let’s talk briefly about social media strategy. You’ll see some interesting numbers on here. I’m not going to tell you who it’s from. The big interesting thing for me is this is a site that gets about 3000 visits a month. They’re relatively small numbers. Now they’re not actively pushing social really hard, so the proportion may well be different for you. The point I’m trying to make is, throw this dashboard into your Analytics account but don’t expect it unless you’re pushing social really hard, to be massively useful for you. It may be, it may not.

I was surprised how small these numbers are. This is built into Analytics to a certain extent, showing me what the action was by different social sources: visits that I get from mobile, traffic from different social networks. You might want to change visits and bounce rates to transactions and ecommerce revenue, say. Click on the little pencil which you’ll find on there and you’ll be able to change those columns.

You only get three columns to play with but you can change the layouts of these dashboards as much as you like. You can change what’s in each widget. You can change from a table view to a little chart view. There are all sorts of funky things you can do in here.

Look at that difference in that. This is their goal that they’ve set up of five pages per visit. They’re saying, ok, if someone reads more than five pages, we’re going to count that as a goal,using their social media analytics tools. They’re not an ecommerce site and they haven’t really got that much to track on their site, but that’s better than nothing. Now I can again compare oranges and apples. Facebook people seem to be much more engaged than traffic from some of these other social sites. So that might then influence marketing budgets, decisions about where to create content and other actions you make take: http://goo.gl/Qb3E2.

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