Wayne’s World Marketing Approach Explained and Why You Should Avoid It

For those who cannot remember the simple premise of Wayne’s World 2, here it is…

Wayne has a dream involving Jim Morrison and his weird naked Indian friend. Morrison tells Wayne to fulfill his destiny of holding a rock concert: “If you book them,” Morrison says of big acts like Aerosmith, “they will come”. With that note, WAYNESTOCK was born.

Let’s look at that simple mantra once more and segue into the world of online marketing:

“If you book them, they will come”

Thank you Jim. Sure, in Wayne’s World and Hollywood this mantra turned out all right in the end and Waynestock rocked! But how can we relate this to the world of online marketing?

Easy! The mantra of the 1990s, that still runs true today courtesy of Bill Gates can be seen as a parallel mantra.  That’s if you go about it the wrong way. He famously professed in 1996…

If you write it, they will come.

“Content is King”

But what does Bill gates mantra actually envisage? And where might we go wrong if we approach this self-fulfilling prophecy the wrong way?

“Content is King” is the concept that content is the biggest driving factor for success when it comes to marketing online. Content is clearly a crucial element to the readability and usability of your website. To put it simply, if you don’t produce engaging and compelling content or you don’t add something of value at every opportunity, your readers or potential customers won’t be back. The true importance of content cannot be understated.

But at the same time, it’s very easy to become misguided when it comes to content and you might easily fall into the trap of the “Wayne’s World Approach to Marketing”. You need to steer clear of the mantra “if you write it, they will come”.

Here’s the thing. If content maybe considered ‘king’, we must recognise that the building of links are most definitely ‘queen’. If you’re starting out online you can produce the greatest content in the world, that your readers would love to bits, but it won’t mean a thing if those readers can’t find you. If you don’t have a strong foothold in your niche or a web presence already then simply producing content is going to become an absolute drainer. Your journey to get where you want to go is going to take you considerably longer than it has to in reality.

Here’s where the modern day wonders of SEO and social media come into play. Not only do you have to produce great content but you also have to learn ways of promoting that content to the maximum number of people.  SEO and social media can be seen, in most instances, as a launching pad for you to get some exposure to your online ventures. As your SEO and social media efforts grow you have the potential to reach a critical mass and get a following so large that you’ll have people clambering over each other to promote your content. But until you reach that point, SEO and social media are your biggest allies.

So here’s what you might want to do now:

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Master On Page Optimization

Optimize Your Title Tags

Create a Compelling Meta Description

Use the Link Baiting Force

Do some Ezine Article Submissions

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