Try to perfect the transition process.

If Bill Bixby turned immediately into the Incredible Hulk then it wouldn’t have been half as entertaining would it? It was the smooth and expertly edited transition process that hooked viewers.

Believe it or not there are similarities between your online videos and the Incredible Hulk! Your transitions may not need to be quite so dramatic but they do need to be smooth, seamless and natural-looking.

Here we offer some tips on when to use video transitions when it comes to introducing some video editing effects and creating your professional end product.

1. Use iMovies Editing Software Or Similar

iMovies can suffer the odd bug or two but we find it worth it, because of its ease of use and great functionality. It will take you a while to learn video editing if you are starting from scratch, but software like iMovies takes a lot of the pain away. There are plenty of online tutorials that help with specific functions of iMovies – such as how to add transitions. In fact check out our YouTube video below which has a brief tutorial!

2. Use Transitions For Passing Of Time Or Change Of Direction/Mood

Transitions are best used when we need to show the passing of time, change of mood, change of subject or change of direction. In most cases you won’t need to show anyone turning from human form into a huge green monster in your online videos, but you will at least have to show transitions from the title screen into the first part of footage, some transitions when you change topic or theme and then when you change back to your call to action at the outro again.

3. Keep It Simple!

It’s possible with iMovies to use fancy video editing effects. But before you get carried away remember that the content of your video is the most important thing; you’re not trying to display your editing skills, you’re trying to give your message the highest impact possible – and that means not distracting the viewer with flamboyant effects.

Keeping it simple is the best approach with transitions – cross dissolve or fade to black is usually preferable to lens flare or page turning effects. Beware of creating a gimmicky look to your video!

4. Keep It Smooth!

If you don’t include transitions your video will appear jumpy and amateurish. Likewise, if your transitions are in the wrong place they will seem awkward. Try to make everything seem smooth and natural, not forced; that way the viewer will be at ease and concentrating on the message you are trying to get across rather than who edited the video!

5. Play Around!

You won’t get it right the first time. Take time to practice your transitions– you’ll be surprised how quickly your editing skills will improve and iMovies will help you ratchet them up. If it looks natural, you’ve probably got it right; if it’s awkward or jumpy have another play with it.

Transitioning is just one of the video editing effects that can give a polished and professional edge to your online business videos. Plenty more great tips are available in the Lights, Camera, Profits! workshop. Just click here to learn more about it.

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