You don’t need the best video equipment from Hollywood!

You won’t be shooting “Back to the Future” like Robert Zemeckis or Michael J. Fox did, when you make your business web video; if you’re starting out, you just need video that looks good and will get your message across clearly and succinctly, so it’s not necessary to rush out and spend a fortune on all the latest video filming equipment.

Here we look at the basics of the video equipment you will need and approximately how much it will cost you:

Your Camera – It’s a Bargain!

You can pick up a decent digital video camera from an established maker like Canon, Panasonic or Sony for around $200-300 online now. They’ve really come down in price and are no longer a big expense.

Lighting – Spread it Around!

Lighting may be the biggest problem you face with your video, but it’s important that you get it right; poor lighting can make the presenter look tired; it’s important that you look fresh and bright, so you will need to use lamps with some light diffusion scrim material in front (fire retardant of course!) This will help to create good, even light for your web video.

If you have problems with your lighting inside and can’t get the look you want, try filming outside, where natural daylight is naturally diffused and creates kinder light settings generally.

Lighting will also probably be the single biggest expense that you face – look to spend around $500 on proper lighting.

Audio – Be Heard Clearly!

Clear audio is another critical component of good web video; being heard is just as important as being seen because, after all, it’s the message that’s important. Budget for spending around $200 on a good microphone.

Tripod – Steady as You Go!

Don’t try to balance your camera on a table or other surface when you film. Invest in a tripod – it will cost around $200, but will ensure that you get the steadiness and all the angles you need.

It also allows you to move the camera around easily; many people like to position a whiteboard behind the tripod with bullet point reminders for the script too.

The Backdrop

Don’t forget to spend a few dollars on a thick plain fabric for the backdrop – it’s only a quick trip to Spotlight.

There you go…for just over a thousand dollars you can have a set up that can shoot quality web video for your business time and time again.

We have just scratched the surface of the basic video filming equipment in this post. More detail is available in the Lights, Camera, Profits! Workshop. It includes everything you need to know if you’re just starting out with your web video marketing strategy, with lots of top advice from the professionals. Just click here to know more about it.

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