The best camera is the one you have now.

Most people shy away from recording their own videos because they think they need the most expensive and the latest video recording equipment. That is not the case because there are very good alternatives to the high-end gadgets.

Things You Need To Make A Video

The camera in your iPhone is good enough to start off with for your video marketing online. Later on, when you want to improve the quality somewhat, you could purchase a high end camcorder and make sure it has a microphone port. This will improve the sound quality enormously.

Lighting may be necessary if you need to film indoors. Outdoor filming is fine if you live in an area that has mostly good weather. If filming indoors, three decorator’s lamps should be sufficient. Beware that these become quite hot if used for a period of time.

Movie-editing software can be very expensive, but all you really need to be able to do is cut and splice the content together and add some music and text. For this, all you need is Windows Movie Maker (or iMovie on Apple). To add some dash, go to and purchase royalty-free stock footage and motion graphics.

Where To Place Your Videos

The obvious and best place to put your video is on your homepage. On your About page you could place a short and to the point video describing the story behind your business, how you got started and where you are now. You might have some testimonials from a few of your satisfied clients which you can also place on your Testimonials page. Apart from that, work out which are your most visited pages and place relevant videos on those.

YouTube is an excellent place to host your videos. It’s free and you can embed your videos on your site by pasting a few lines of code. With YouTube you will be able to attract more visitors and therefore attract more people to your website.

It is important to take special care when you complete the upload form. Use your main keywords in the title, description and tags. It’s a good idea to use your web address at the very start of your description so it’s visible even if the viewer doesn’t choose to expand this section of the page.

The main thrust of the internet is about interaction. Make sure your website has a warm and personable feel. With the right video marketing online strategy, you will increase the chances of it doing all that a hundredfold.

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