Make sure you get the right hook in your video!

Video sales letters have great “conversion” rates into sales, but if yours are not having the effect you’d hoped for it may be because they’re not packing enough of a punch at the start, to grab the viewer’s attention.

Starting a sales letter well can mean that everything that follows falls into place and flows smoothly from it, because it gives you your “angle”, so it’s worth spending time on getting this part right.

Here are a few tips on opening your video with punch!

Break Their Pattern NOT Their Jaw!

Many of your viewers will be in a set pattern of daily life and part of what you need to do is to snap them out of their comfortable, steady, 9 to 5 routine and wake them up to how you can help them. So we like to think of it as packing a punch to break their pattern, not their jaw!

Familiar Is To Be Avoided!

Get creative to get hard-hitting. You are attempting to hook the viewer into your video and get them watching on, knowing that attention spans among internet users are getting shorter and the choice of videos to watch is growing. Your video sales letter needs to stand out and this means that familiar is not good in this instance. Find something that hasn’t been said or done already and sock them with it!

Make The Headlines!

Think of the start to your sales letter like a newspaper headline. How many newspaper headlines have you read that are purely factual…normally they are designed to capture your attention and “Hi, my name is…” is not going to cut it. Phrases like this mean nothing to the viewer –it doesn’t matter to them what your name is! What they will be interested in is how you can help them with a problem or concern they’ve got.

Tune In To Radio WIIFM!

WIIFM is a radio station that all people wanting to market their business need to tune into from time to time! It’s the “What’s In It For Me” station! You need to tune your video sales letter efforts into this because that’s exactly what the viewer is wondering – how does your product or service benefit ME specifically? How can you help?

Discoveries And Concerns

Answering the above question “What’s In It For Me”, you can approach this by a couple of very effective methods. Either tell them what they’re about to discover or call out their biggest concern. This entails “becoming” your viewer and walking in their shoes for a while, so that you can understand what issues they may be facing and what they are looking for from your product or service.

Following these guidelines should start your video sales letter off on the right note and make the rest of the video easier to script; the importance of grabbing attention cannot be over-estimated and then you have to maintain it. To learn more about the power of video marketing and production, click here.

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