Keep them glued to your video sales letter.

It’s no secret that video sales letters are a great way to market your products and services; but how exactly should you go about putting them together to make them interesting and to set you apart from the rest?

Well, we’ve covered in another post the best way to start your sales letter off to create maximum impact at the beginning and make sure your viewer makes it past the first 10 seconds.

Here we look at how you maintain that attention using one of man’s oldest communication tools – story telling!

It’s an often quoted phrase that people buy from people they like. Video is a great way to effectively get across how likeable you are! It’s much easier to connect with people on a human level through video than it ever is with text or still images.

Not only that – you can show the viewer how you relate to and understand the problems, concerns and issues that they face.

A very good way of doing this is through story-telling, because it enables you to explain your own situation, maybe talk a bit about how you arrived at where you are today and how you faced many of the similar problems you know they’re facing and how you overcame them. You can feel their pain!

To do this effectively you need to float out of your own shoes, into your viewers’ shoes for a while; try to understand their problems and concerns and then relate that back to your own story – where does your own experience intersect with the viewers’ needs? That way you will leave your viewer with the impression that “he/she really understands me!”

Finding this common ground means that you can tailor your story to what’s relevant and compelling to the viewer, not just babble on about all your life experiences that really don’t matter much to anyone but you! Keep it relevant or you will lose them!

As you progress you can magnify their emotional attachment to the story by showing the knock-on effects: because you are not optimizing your web site, it means that you’re not getting enough traffic to your web site, which means that you are not getting leads, which affects your profits and could take your business down!

This is not to hood-wink, manipulate or cheat the viewer, but it is spelling out the failure to act and what might well happen if they don’t start addressing their concerns. This is setting the bedrock for when you actually start to sell in your video, which we normally move onto in the next stage of the sales letter.

Of course this can be used for purposes of manipulation so it should be added that you need to come from a place of integrity. If you are not genuine you will be found out and we all know how long it takes to re-build a reputation once it’s damaged. So play clean and play fair with honesty and integrity! That way you grow your all-important credibility.

Hopefully you’re finding plenty of useful tips as we take you through how to structure and deliver compelling video sales letters. This is all tied together, along with many other video marketing ideas, in the Lights, Camera, Profits! Workshop. Click here to learn more about it.

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