Get OK’d by your customers.

Video testimonials are like gold nuggets for your business. Every one adds credibility and authority to you – and we’ve mentioned many times that this is the currency you want to be dealing in online; you NEED it to make sales.

There is a definite strategy to making good customer testimonials that sell your business and that begins with knowing what to ask.

Try the eight questions below for size, first of all:

  • How were things going before us?

This allows them to talk about the problems they were facing and some of the issues they were struggling with before you came along.

  • How did you find us?
  • Why did you choose us?
  • How was it working with us?

This gives your customer the chance to say how easy and pleasurable you were to work with and how you addressed their needs and concerns.

  • What were the results?

The all-important results are what any prospective buyers want to hear about, so spending time on this point is important.

  • What did it mean to you?

This allows them to tell the “afterwards” story about the benefits your products or services brought to their business.

  • Why would you recommend us?

Again, this focuses the viewer on the things you do better than any other business for your customers.

  • Anything else you’d like to add?

Before, During And After

The above questions will be effective in eliciting the responses you need from your customer because they will tell the before, during and after story that you need to connect with your viewers.

The customer’s story should ring bells in the viewer’s head, identifying similar problems and issues they have and showing how your business was able to address and solve those issues. This connects them to the customer and they will see how you will be able to do the same for their own business.

Early And Often

The general rule with testimonials is- whether by text, audio or video – testimonials should be gathered early and often; don’t wait around – strike when the iron is hot!

If you have delivered great products and provided excellent service nobody will mind raving about how good you are; it’s best if you can get video testimonials as these have the greatest impact of all.

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