Video testimonials are a great way to build trust with users who land on your website.  Any visitor is a potential client, but you have to show them that you are trustworthy.  A video of someone detailing their positive experience with your business shows that they liked your service enough to share that experience with others for the benefit of helping you out.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and while one video testimonial may not be worth a thousand written ones, a web site with several or more good video testimonials may well be.

A great way to get client or customer testimonials is to tell them early on that getting testimonials is a large part of how you grow your business and gain new clients.  When you first begin to do business with someone new, you can let them know that you work mostly on referrals and testimonials.  Then ask them if they would mind if you recorded a short video of their experience once you have completed your job to their full satisfaction.

At this point, they will most likely agree because you have been upfront with them and have asked for the testimonial as part of your agreement.  Mentioning this beforehand keeps it from being awkward when your job is finished.  They will be expecting you to bring it up again and will have even had time to think about what they would like to say in the video.

You will want their video testimonials to detail the problems and frustrations they had before coming to you.  Then they should explain what you did to solve their issues, listing anything positive they gained from the experience.  Give them a chance to add their own comments.

  • Have them answer the following questions:
  • How were things going before us?
  • Why did you come to us?
  • How did we work with you?
  • What were the results?
  • What did it mean to you?
  • Why would you recommend us?
  • Anything else you would like to add.

Definitely do not leave out the last question.  You may find that the best part of the testimonial is when you ask if there were anything, they would like to add.  They may have something positive to add that you never even considered.  This type of candid addition can really speak to the viewers that are considering hiring your for their needs.

The video does not need to be a huge production.  Just record them in an environment where they are comfortable, usually in their own workplace or home.  Be sure that there is ample lighting and no background noise or other disturbances.

Finally, remember adding videos to your website add a personal touch to it.  When people they will feel like they know you or the company like an old friend or colleague.  This is another way for more traffic to generate as well as show others a personal side of your website.

Watch samples of our customer testimonials at our Youtube channel.

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