Improve your rank using web videos.

Can you name a good reason why you haven’t started web video marketing for your business yet?


I’m not surprised, because video can help virtually every business; it is considered one of the “low hanging fruit” areas of online marketing because it will enhance virtually everything you are doing online and increases conversions over traditional text and images.

So why wouldn’t you start now? Here are 5 reasons that might just convince you to get started:

1. People Do Business With People

In an online world full of faceless businesses and companies, video allows you to cut through the anonymity and connect with your audience, face to face, person to person.

The importance of this cannot be over-estimated, because it has always been (and maybe always will be) the case that people buy from people.

If you can connect to your clients through video, they are already pre-sold by the time they pick up the phone or request a quote; they already have a sense of who you are and what you stand for; they already know you love what you’re doing because it oozes through in your videos.

Quite simply, they are more likely to buy from someone they know – and they’ll feel they know you better through watching your videos.

2. Increased Authenticity And Transparency

Web video marketing allows you to keep it real! You can demonstrate that you are authentic and trustworthy with nothing to hide: that’s important because people’s biggest fear online is being scammed.

You can show them who you are, what you do and how you do it. This is much more important than having slick, rounded videos – that can all come later!

Don’t worry if your first videos are rough around the edges; the key is to just get started, make your mistakes now and improve the quality of the videos over time; people forgive mistakes in videos, but they don’t forgive someone trying to con them.

3. Heightened Expert Status

Web video also allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise – whether it’s via How-To videos or FAQ videos, you are able to show that you know your stuff. It may take time to get to where you want to be but video will get you there quicker than any other medium.

4. It Makes Life Easier For The Visitor

The YouTube phenomenon means that we have come to expect video when we land on a page; many of us don’t want to read large chunks of text but if we see a video front and centre of the page we will click on it. It’s just more inviting and easier than reading a long sales letter, for example.

5. Better Rankings

If we’re in online marketing we’re in the business of getting rankings to generate traffic to our website. With web video it’s relatively easy to rank well because the competition is still not that fierce in many business areas.

We have seen how video results have merged with text, images and maps in search engine results; using some general video SEO pointers can help you dominate results for certain keywords.

Are you convinced? You still don’t believe in the power of web video marketing? Well I suggest you head on over and watch the FREE Competition Crusher workshop at Then let us know if you’ve changed your mind!

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