Find the right balance with your videos.

When it comes to “easy pickings” and “low hanging fruit”, as an online business you can’t go past web video for bringing the juiciest results!

Web video marketing is something that ALL businesses should be looking at and here are 5 of the main reasons why:

Take a Look at these YouTube Facts And Figures!

YouTube has rapidly become the king of online video and some of these statistics show you the level of penetration and domination they have achieved in a matter of a few years:

As of the beginning of 2011, YouTube was

  • The 4th largest site on the Net
  • The 2nd largest search engine on the Net
  • The largest video site on the Net, by some distance

Not only that:

  • 20 hours of content were uploaded per minute
  • 1 billion videos were served every day
  • 12.2 billion videos were served per month just in the US
  • 82% of internet users viewed online video

Video = Personality, Transparency And Authenticity!

The main objection to doing business on the net, which comes up again and again, is the lack of transparency, lack of clarity with who you are actually dealing with and doubts about their ability to deliver; in short people are worried about being “scammed”.

Video helps to remove those objections by showing people that you’re a living, breathing human being with an authentic business and that you are not hiding anything. You engage with your customer eye to eye and the value of this is not to be under-estimated – text and images just cannot achieve this.

Video = Expert Status And Authority

Videos help you build authority in your field. How-To and other tutorial videos can help people with a specific task and show that you know your stuff.

That means that by the time they pick up the phone to call you or sit down to email you, there is already an element of trust built in – again, this is not to be under-estimated as a means of moving the sales process along.

Video = Traffic

According to Forrester Research (2009) your site has a 50% better chance of appearing on the first page of search results if you use video.

This is because it is still relatively new and many people haven’t even got video yet, let alone optimised it.

You have a great chance here to get a head start and take the “low hanging fruit” and dominate the search results for your keywords before your competitors catch up. Please make sure you take it!

Video = the Future

There are currently more than 70 video sites on the web – many specialist video sites as well as general video hosters like YouTube.

As we see web-enabled TVs start to hit the market, from the likes of Sony and Dell, we are seeing a convergence between web and TV and that means that video is only going to become more important in the next few years. It’s the future and you can get a head start for your business now.

These 5 reasons are just the start of how web video marketing can benefit your small business. You can learn more about how to get a piece of the action by viewing the Lights, Camera, Profits! workshop. Click here to find out more.

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