When you are recording a video, the focus is the content.  You want the content to stand out.   Here are some tips that will help make web video production flow more smoothly.

Remember to speak to the camera.  Look directly at the camera just as you would another person if you were talking to him or her in person.  Be sure to look positive and well groomed.

In order to seem more natural, it is important that you do not read from a script.  A viewer can always tell that you are reading from a script and your presentation will seem too forced or awkward.  What you can do instead is use a list of bullets points that you have on a whiteboard at camera level behind or next to the camera.  This will allow you to keep on track with your points without looking away from the camera, and thus your viewer.

If you’re specifically into web video marketing, it is important to let the customer know what you can do for them, but do not waste your breath with generic claims.  Saying that you go beyond for customers is not nearly as effective as giving a real life example of what you have done to go beyond for a customer.  Say you run a run sticker printing business and  a client comes to you and says they need 5,000 stickers first thing in the morning.  You pull an all-nighter to have the stickers for them by morning.  Sharing that example in your video will make a real impression on a viewer that generic claims never could.

One cannot over emphasize the importance of lighting to achieve a professional looking video.  When setting up for recording, use a three point lighting system.  This is a standard for lighting professionals.  It gives more even lighting on your subject, removes unflattering shadows, and makes them pop out from your background.  YouTube provides video discussing three-point lighting.

Sometimes you may record all the way through in one shot.  Other times you may have multiple shots in which you record a small segment, stop, and then record some more.  With proper editing, multiple segments will fit together great and make an excellent video.  Be sure to use proper transitions between segments.  Most computers nowadays come with video editing software that can create very professional looking results.  Many programs include tutorials to help you learn their functions.

YouTube is also great resource for finding tutorials on how to use these software programs for web video production, and if all else fails, you can always consult a friend or colleague who knows more about them if you are stuck.  Remember you want to market yourself in a way that says, “I know what I am talking about” so more traffic will flow into your sight.

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