Technology changes fast—very fast.  The Internet is accessible on an ever-broadening range of devices beyond computers.  Information needs to make it to users without getting lost in the shuffle and search process.  Whatever message it is that you are trying to get out to others on the Internet needs to have enough appeal to grab the attention of your intended audience amidst the vast sea of information on the internet. Web videos are an excellent way to do that.

Face it: Users are lazy.  When given the choice of watching a video that explains something or reading a page or more of text that explains the same thing, most users will choose the video.  That is why video works so well.

Video can cover much more ground.   You can quickly demonstrate how to draw a cartoon dragon in video, but imagine trying to give a written explanation of the same process.  Accompanying pictures may help, but if you really want to show someone how to draw a dragon, a video is the ideal choice.  You can show them systematically what to do while explaining each step aloud.

Think about conveying your passions to someone.  It is much easier for you to convey your passion in a video than it is with just text.  With a video, users can see your facial expression, your excitement and the emotion you put into what you are saying.  This can never be conveyed equally in text as it can when someone can both see and hear you.

IPad users watch 3 times as much video as other internet users.  As we see a shift to more and more handheld and portable devices that are internet connected we begin to see web videos consumed at much greater rates.  YouTube is the number two site on the Internet, second only to Google.  YouTube itself is a search engine that indexes only videos.  People use YouTube to find answers to things.  Videos bring higher click-through rates than text alone.  When scrolling through a list of results to their search query people are more likely to click on a video for many things, especially when they want an explanation or a how-to.  Chances are if you need information, you can find it in a video.

Google TV is a great example of TV and Internet merging.  Google TV enabled devices allow people to search for video content on the web and also their DVR’s, satellite, and cable.  More and more people want video content instantly and the most efficient way to deliver it is via the Internet.  As our traditional view of video and television disappears completely, services and devices increase.  New multimedia devices and services allow consumers to search for what they want. The desire for convenience causes advances technology ultimately wins out over older technology.

Our society is on the move and items of convenience are almost like a necessity.  The world of Technology is on the rise to find the newest and easiest device.  As they continue to research and come up with new devices, society will continue to throw out the old and buy the new.  So go out there today, find a multimedia device, and let us know if it makes your life easier or harder.

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