Have you noticed how more and more businesses are looking to video to promote their products and services? Here at Melbourne SEO Services we’ve been using video for a while and we’re always looking for new technologies that will support us to produce professional online film. That’s why we were thrilled to come across Wistia– a really great software package that lets you develop your videos online and see who’s watching them.

Over the past six years, since we started using video, we’ve tried out a few different software packages and Wistia, for us, is the one that really stands out from the pack. It’s just a great service for embedding, sharing and tracking your videos online.

Here’s the lowdown on why we recommend Wistia if you’re looking to enhance your video marketing…

#1 – It’s a breeze to use

If you’re pretty new to video marketing, it can be a bit daunting to know where to start. The team at Melbourne SEO Services understand that when you want to make a video and put it out there for your customers, you’re looking for a simple, easy to use platform that doesn’t require you to be a technical wizard to get it up and running. Wistia is great for uploading video, as it follows a simple five-step process (upload, customise, paste, promote and track) that even the most tech-shy person can master in just a few minutes.

#2 – Great customer service

Sometimes a product can be absolutely fantastic but completely unsupported. Luckily, Wistia manages both qualities. The team behind the Wistia service are helpful if you have any queries and really seem to be forward-thinking and positive about their customer support.

#3 – They ‘get it’

The best thing about Wistia is that it’s perfect for SEO. Unlike many of their rival firms, Wistia have really put a lot of thought in to what we are looking for from a video hosting service and really understand the SEO process and how they can support it. They have created XML video sitemaps, built right in to the service, to help you work out what content is popular and what isn’t working so you can refine your strategy.

#4 – The analytics are amazing

Wistia actually lets you monitor your customer’s reactions to the material you post online. You can see how many times an individual watches a specific video, when they drop out of viewing, how many videos of yours they have watched, and even track whether they have rewound to check out specific parts. It’s quite simply the best video analytics service we’ve seen.

#5 – It’s free

There’s nothing like getting something for free to make you want to support the product and Wistia have provided their basic services so you can test them out properly before upgrading or committing to make a purchase.

Have a play around with the software to see how it can transform your online video marketing – we’re sure you’ll love Wistia as much as we do.

Find out why Melbourne SEO Services uses Wistia for video hosting.

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